Abandon All Life
Southern Lord
Street: 03.19
Nails = Weekend Nachos + Trap Them + Tragedy
Some days, you want to light the world on fire. Abandon All Life landed on my lap on one such day, and luckily, its eighteen-minute running length was far too brief for me to make it to the nearest flame thrower dispensary, because shit would’ve gone down. Nails is ugly as fuck. These are some mean bastards who create sonic hate. Not markedly different from previous material, Abandon All Life is still a rip-roaring rager with most of the songs clocking in around the one minute mark. Seriously, try not punching the nearest human being while listening to “In Exodus” or “No Surrender.” The sounds coming out of this band don’t even sound like instruments, but more like a chorus of demons screaming at each other at the top of their lungs. The band reserves the heavy slowness for the album’s final track “Suum Cuique,” which takes up nearly a third of the total running time, and will give you enough time to think about the atrocities you’ve surely committed in the previous 12 minutes. –Ricky Vigil