The Shores Of Anhedonia

Xperiment III

Street: 02.14

Neuro-Sentence = Diary Of Dreams + Informatik + Type O Negative

Colorado Springs has spawned an ominous duo of Elipsis and Count W. They have created diabolical, pounding, harmonic sounds that will feed your dark, gothic hearts and get your body moving. It is a perfect combination of EBM and Goth music styles that will appeal to those who love darker music. “Dominion (Subjugate)” had me wanting to stomp to the 4-count beat. Its combination of the building energy and the Adrian Hates–style vocals, it provokes aggression and a need for release. The dark chorus line illustrates a suicidal urge, revealing the true gothic beauty of the song. This album fills my dark heart with joy and tickles the darkest parts of my soul. You might want to break out your pointy boots and pirate shirts.
–Mistress Nancy