Nic Hessler
Soft Connections
Captured Tracks
Street: 03.17
Nic Hessler = Sonic Flower Groove–era Primal Scream x Kids On A Crime Spree x The Ropers x The Kinks
Soft Connections, the debut album from Catwalk songwriter Nic Hessler, is one of the most thrilling jangle pop albums of the decade so far. After a debilitating illness snuffed Catwalk’s rising indie star a few years ago, Hessler dropped the moniker and struck gold with Soft Connections—a collection of a dozen tracks of polished indie pop. With equal parts Byrds jangle, Felt wistfulness and Wild Nothing urgency, Hessler strikes a chord with his ability to reinterpret the style’s tired ways. Hessler’s versatility and vision result in a range of sounds—from the cocky power pop narrative of “Expel Me” to the doe-eyed romance of “Moonlight Girl,” Soft Connections is rife with pleasure. Longtime fans of pop will be thrilled that capable hands are at the wheel. –Christian Schultz