Secret Songs: Reflections rom the Ear Mirror
Goner Records
Street: 10.15
Nobunny = The Reatards + Buddy Holly
Hearkening back to the ramshackle electric lo-fi of 2008’s Love Visions, Secret Songs: Reflections from the Ear Mirror is a deranged mix-tape of Justin Champlin’s dingy, tattered, bunny-mask-clad garage punk interpretations of classic rock n’ roll styles. Like King Tuff’s Was Dead, Secret Songs incorporates more traditional ’60s and ’70s rock alongside straight-up garage punk. “Do The Stooge” evokes The Trashmen to great effect—complete with some “ooh mau mau” croaks—and “Little Bo Bitch” sounds like Spinal Tap playing “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party),” but in a bad way. “It’s Pathetic,” “Red Light Love” and “Buried in a Bong” are refreshing punk rock palate-cleansers distributed among the rest of the record’s bizarre trip. It’s a typical Nobunny release—the really good songs (“Stooge,” “Pathetic,” “Red Light,” “Bong”) redeem the good-but-uncomfortable ones. This is music to get weird to. –Cody Kirkland