Review: N.W.77 – Nuclear Awake

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Nuclear Awake

The Real Flanders Music
Street: 01.01
N.W.77 = Iron Reagan + Nuclear Assault + Exodus

Thrashing out of Brazil, Nuclear Weapon 77 charges hard with their crossover sound. Like any grade-A thrash band, they take a nihilistic lyrical approach to things that include worldwide genocide, zombies, road rage, beer and thrash pioneers. N.W. 77 adhere to a very old school, mid-’80s thrash sound with evil, Slayer-inspired guitar riffing mixed with spitfire blues patterns indicative of Motörhead, and keeping each song to a standard two minutes or less. The whole album packs one hell of a punch—tracks like “Terror Tecnológico (T.V.Y.K.),” “Mad Driver” and “The Ghost of Uogner B.C.” just scratch the surface of this album’s brutality, and N.W.77’s tribute to founding Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, “Hannemania,” ensures its ruthlessness. –Eric U. Norris