Of Feather and Bone
False Healer
Outlast Records
Street: 11.23.12
Of Feather and Bone = Trap Them + Disembodied + Torch Runner
There is heavy music, and then there’s heavy music that makes you want to put your fist through a wall. Of Feather and Bone’s False Healer is one of them. There is plenty of fast, crusty goodness on this release, but it’s the understanding of how to tastefully integrate an artistically motivated breakdown that really sets it apart. This may seem inconsequential, but there is a big difference between a cathartic release and bro-mosh, and these guys get it. Sure,Of  there are legions of crusty dark hardcore bands cropping up daily, but it’s the guitar flourishes, vocal style, intensity and integration of other elements of hardcore in Of Feather and Bone’s sound that make them stand apart. These six tracks go hard, and are another testament to the excellent heavy music coming out of Denver right now. I look forward to what these guys have next. –Peter Fryer