Para Elite / Total Annihilation
Battle On Split EP
Skinflint Music
Street: 11.25.14
Para Elite = Blitz + Condemned 84 + White Flag Down. Total Annihilation = Anti-Heroes + Lower Class Brats

Never have I heard an Oi! band that had lyrics as raucous as Cock Sparrer’s or compositions as abrasive as any Warzone track until I heard Para Elite. With White Flag Down’s Coop as frontman and Cliff Warby of Condemned 84 behind the kit, I guarantee that “Battle Cry” and “Hang the Banker” will continue to resonate in their listeners’ heads. However, they’re not the only ones to hold their own on this split—Total Annihilation hit back hard with their raw, street punk–oriented vitality. The gravel-voiced Jimi Yamamoto rips through the crass lyrics of “Death of a Nation” and “In Bed with the Reds” with his trachea-shredding vocals. Oi! may have reached its peak some time ago, but these patriotic American skins prove that as long as their Doc Martens hold up, they’ll be stomping all over this goddamned country. –Eric U. Norris