Chicken Ranch
Street: 09.10
Peelander-Z = The Darkness + Power Rangers + Balzac
I never know if Peelander-Z is fucking with us, or if they’re serious. For a Japanese band peddling its own brand of action comic punk, the reality is they’re both serious AND they’re fucking with us. Their normal sound was shelved for this release, and in its place is a power-chord-riff fest that skirts the line between tribute and parody. At times, the listener is transported straight to the heart of the AC/DC and Cinderella-era of 80s hair metal. This is apparent on opening track “Heavy Snake.” But then you hear “Ride on the Shooting Star” and realize just how far away the band is from the music that they’re trying to recreate. It’s a great record, but it’s too authentic to have much mass appeal, and it’s too jokey for sincere metalheads to fully embrace. It’ll be interesting to see how people react to it. –James Bennett