Pelvis Wrestlies
Make Up Face
Carbonated Sounds
Street: 05.01
Pelvis Wrestlies = Dead Kennedys + The B-52s + The Spits + Disappear–era T.S.O.L.
Reno’s Pelvis Wrestlies take their sound from a casserole of punk, pop and garage, their logo from the 80s WWF and their name from the bastardized moniker of an American icon—a winning recipe! Make Up Face is four scorching tracks of hyper-fierce punk-a-billy with a spastic 1-2 beat, reminiscent of Jello fronting X at ’80s synth night. “Magic Carpet Ride” (not a Steppenwolf cover) toes the later pop-punk-rockaroll line with aplomb while the obvious standout “Watchin’ TV” squeals with all the geetar fury that a punk band, blitzed on glue and/or Germs singles, should. Maybe the title track is a tad forgettable, but it’s easily forgiven for the quasi-hardcore crawl of “Rat Trap” at the end of side B. This is a glow-in-the-dark record sleeve and a vinyl-only (as far as I can tell) credo to round out an enjoyable slab of party punk from out West. –Dylan Chadwick