Pimps of Joytime 
Jukestone Paradise
Write Home Records 
Street: 04.07
Pimps of Joytime = Sly and the Family Stone + Curtis Mayfield 
When in doubt, there should always be the hot intensity of a soul-filled funk album to get the blood pumping, and Jukestone Paradise may be it for this year. This album is two years in the making, and the third release from the Brooklyn-based quintet Pimps of Joytime, which features guests Ivan Neville and Alex Toth (RubbleBucket). In its entirety, the album is brilliant, and to pick off some heavy hitters almost seems like cheating, but I’ll indulge it to whet your appetite. The opening track is where to start: It’s a heavy, up-tempo, blues-styed number called “Red Golden.” Follow this up with the raw funk number “Heart Is Wild” then the groovy “Waiting For My Ride.” This album provides a much-needed spiritual release through some catchy, heavy funk that inspires some serious shaking and gyrating about. No praying needed—just some loud speakers. –Nick Kuzmack