Poor Lily
Street: 08.13
Poor Lily = The Ducky Boys + Dead Kennedys + Rhythm Pigs
Musicianship this tight is rarely used to make street punk music, but alas, here we are. Poor Lily aren’t exactly a street punk band, but the general snottiness of the record certainly follows that lead, and mixes this vibe with equal doses of ’80s hardcore and ’90s post-rock. It is musically tight in a very Minutemen kind of way—quick, sharp and without pretention. A couple of the songs (19 tracks in about 30 minutes) have a lyrically political slant, but this doesn’t seem to be an overall theme. The reality is that Poor Lily do a great job combining punk genres while constantly pounding things together in perfect time. When the singer hits the high notes, his voice sounds a lot like Jello Biafra. This, paired with erratic timing and variable song structures makes for an enjoyable listen. –James Bennett