Slow Dance in the Cosmos


Street: 08.27

PORCHES. = Kurt Vile + The Strokes – M. Ward

PORCHES. have a sound that includes a little folk, a little rock, ample keys and a touch of soul. Highlights are: “Intimate,” which is a heartfelt duet featuring starry synth and dream-weaving vocals (though it’s a little short); “Headgiving,” which has interesting lyrics and nice guitar work; “Fog Dog,” which features warm fuzz and sweet harmonies; and my favorite, “Permanent Loan,” which is the most powerful track and has just the right amount of angst (Brand New comes to mind) with strong vocals and guitar that strides along with towering tones. PORCHES. have the style down, but they don’t quite have the passionate verve you’d hear from many contemporaries, and the vocals don’t always hit the mark. Slow Dance in the Cosmos sounds like it could’ve fit right in on a ’90s college radio station, but might’ve been forgotten quickly. –CJ Morgan