Darkest Days

Red Light Sound

Street: 05.14

Raven = Vomir + Merzbow + Nightmare Castle

Delving into this highly harsh noise tape from these Serbian artists was an adventure—in all honesty, it’s the most noise from one artist I’ve ever listened to. Static is what Raven play to on Darkest Days. In that static comes some great mind alteration. Your brain takes sounds it can’t fully comprehend and does something called audio matrixing—your brain is trying to make sense of what it hears and put it into some understandable context. Side A of the release feels more drone, kind of a grizzled wash backdrop for an industrial, mechanized world. Side B, however, changes tempos and pitch more frequently, conjuring a feeling of an overwhelming sense of anxiety and dread. The great thing about any sort of noise is it can make its audience feel something from seemingly so little. –Bryer Wharton