Red Fang
Whales & Leeches
Street: 10.15
Red Fang = Melvins + Black Tusk
Somehow, Red Fang has become louder. They have become heavier. They have become more bad ass. Red Fang is more Red Fang than Red Fang has ever been. Whales & Leeches is the third album from these Oregonian sludge maniacs, and they have perfected their slow weirdness, as well as their vicious stonery assaults. “DOEN” is a scorching opener, with sick licks over a super heavy rhythm section, while “Blood Like Cream” bludgeons listeners with its direct brutality. The band is more versatile than ever before, and every song is its own unique beast. “Dawn Rising” is a seven minute slow-burner featuring the tortured yowls of Pall Jenkins of The Black Heart Procession. “Failure” follows, and though it may be a bummer jam, it’ll still make you bang your head hard and slow. This is far and away the best material Red Fang has ever released, and if you’ve heard their other albums, you know that’s saying something. –Ricky Vigil