Cicurina Vol. 1
Glory Kid Ltd.
Street: 01.06
Reservoir = Mineral + Tiger’s Jaw 
The opening track on Cicurina Vol. 1 sounds exactly like something you’ve probably heard before, by way of every emo band of the last two decades—Reservoir are not bringing anything new to the genre. That being said, they have definitely taken the time to perfect their intricate buildups and heartfelt vocals. The guttural vocals in "Breathe Distaster" sound eerily like Jesse Lacey from Brand New, while "Waves Erase" sounds like a tune Appleseed Cast would be proud of. Though there are only four songs, each is memorable, so much so that the EP feels complete, even if it only clocks in at 20 minutes. Overall, this is a solid release, and though there is nothing revolutionary or new about the style, Cicurina Vol. 1 is definitely worth a listen. –Ali Shimkus