Review: Auxes – Boys In My Head

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Auxes boys in my head album cover


Boys In My Head

Lovitt Records
Street: 03.31
Auxes = Local H + Pixies – Modest Mouse

Upon my first listen of Boys In My Head, things felt strong and cool. It’s a loud and confident piece. However, I quickly realized that Dave Laney’s project, Auxes, hasn’t changed much even after a handful of releases over the years. Compared to his old band, Milemarker, Auxes and this album have a take on fast, loud alternative rock that comes across as a little pushy. Although this album has that ear-straining quality akin to the music being blared from a 16-year-old’s tin clunker, there are two redeeming songs: “Boom Boom Town” and “Boys In My Head.” These two are hard rock songs centered around catchy and melodic hooks, and they’re quite good. If Boys In My Head was made up of songs like that—and I hardly doubt Laney’s ability to craft a few more—then we’d have something pretty swell. –Erin Moore