Review: Impossible Recording Machine – Echo The Moon

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 Impossible Recording Machine - Echo The Moon



Impossible Recording Machine are not electroclash, Radiohead, James Bond, Coldplay or any combination of “post” + (insert whatever retro music term is popular). They do, however, share a bit in common with the aforementioned because Echo the Moon is a surprisingly nice collection of up-tempo electronic drones, candy glitches and smoky atmospherics with a falsetto vocal style reminiscent of Pink Floyd at their most sedated by way of that indefinable chaos that followed Britpop. An inventive selection of influences, only it doesn’t always work exactly like it could, as many of the songs spiral off into the ambiance while others simply start there and linger for a few minutes before the substance of the song begins. It comes off like an excessive guitar solo in reverse. Still, Echo the Moon is a charming album, even if it could use some trimming.


This review originally appeared in Glitter Gutter Trash, January 2005, Issue 193.