Mikey Classic and His Lonesome Spur


Farmageddon Records

Street: 10.15.13

Mike Classic and His Lonesome Spur = Viva Le Vox + Bob Dylan

I can honestly say that the punk-devil album art of Mikey Classic and His Lonesome Spur gives an accurate portrayal of who Mikey Classic really is, and what to expect for the next 12 tracks. This self-titled album is dark and a little spooky. Behind his growling vocals, there’s the kick drum and electric guitar that put the punk in punk rock folk blues. You can’t back Mikey Classic into a corner of genres. One minute, he’ll be snarling over the kick drum, and the next, he’s fingerpickin’ the banjo. If you’re looking for some soft, feel-good music, this isn’t it, but it won’t stop Mikey Classic from scowling, “Ya’ll motherfuckers need Jesus,” over haunting, stripped melodies. This album is raw, real and ready to be on repeat. –Lizz Corrigan