Diarrhea Planet
I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
Infinity Cat Recordings
Street: 08.20
Diarrhea Planet = Idlewild + Ramones

With easily the most unconventional name of any band I’ve ever reviewed, Diarrhea Planet is also one of the most conventional-sounding bands I’ve reviewed. Playing it completely safe after exhausting all of their edginess coming up with their name, I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams doesn’t offer anything new. Dull lyrics, more monotone garage-rock vocals, song after song that you’ve heard before––I had to dig to find a song that stuck out more than the rest, at last settling on “Togano” for finally delivering a song as strange and quirky as Diarrhea Planet deserves. I will admit that this album is harmless fun that I don’t want to pick on too much, even though it’s fairly uninspiring once you get past the poop-joke novelty, but they’ve gotten a lot of attention recently, so maybe this is just one of those bands that is better at playing an energetic live show than recording an energetic album. –Matt Brunk