Red Death
Demo 2014
Street: 01.27
Red Death = Eye for an Eye / Animosity-era C.O.C + The Accüsed

This DC punk/thrash extravaganza features current/former members of Zoom, Intent, Protestor and Coke Bust. This demo takes gravelly cues from Discharge, the “bandana thrash” bands of the early millennium and even DC coremen of yore (this reviewer catches hunks of No Justice and The Aftermath, but this reviewer is also a card carrying Metalli-fan club member with an automatically stupid opinion). The tape’s over almost before it begins, but the standout here is the greasy 1-2 of “Unholy Agony” into “Perpetrator,” which serves up a steamin’ platter of corybantic noggin-bashin’ before devolving quickly into solid mosh and then a fuzzed out, late Black Flag-inspired groove. Also, the cover depicts an axe-wielding executioner flanked by skulls. What more do you want, kid?! There are still some of these left on the Mosher’s Delight bigcartel, so no stupid excuses! –Dylan Chadwick