The Way and Color
Carpark Records
Street: 04.22
TEEN = Little Dragon + Tame Impala

I knew TEEN would evolve beyond their psychedelic girl group sound—last year’s Carolina proved that. I wasn’t expecting something this good, though. The first track, “Rose 4 U” is familiar enough, but the next one, “Not For Long,” begins to meld ‘90s R&B–style vocal harmonies, modern beats and instrumentation, and spacey textures that are singular to this record and the band itself. The genuine transmission of feeling on “Tied Up Tied Down,” the screwed vocals and playful singing of “More Than I Ask For” and the limber bass line and horns in album closer “All The Same” are highlights. The best part is Teeny Lieberson’s singing—she’s much more adventurous than on any of TEEN’s previous releases. When people ask me what rad new band they should listen to, TEEN is one that I always suggest—and The Way and Color is their best record yet. –Cody Kirkland