Robert Pollard
Blazing Gentlemen
Street: 12.10
Robert Pollard = Pete Townshend + Genesis – Phil Collins
Robert Pollard’s musical universe (and it is a universe—he’s written thousands of songs) often sounds like some alternate through-the-looking-glass world, resembling classic rock, with riffs and lyrical tropes that seem somehow familiar, but from some other far-off constellation. Perhaps that’s because his creative process is somewhat backward: he’ll free-associate a song title, or even an album cover, and work back from there to lyrics, and then music that seems to fit, however rocking or warpedly poppish. The lyrics are the one constant, and here, as is often the case, he takes on the persona of an eccentric English surrealist poet. This album starts off on a rousing note, with “Magic Man Hype,” but soon resolves into a sequence of mannerist melodies that’s interesting enough, but not up there with his best work. –Stakerized!