Round Eye
Ripping Records
Street: 06.09
Round Eye = The Seatbelts + White Hills + Suicide

Round Eye are the new definition of the iconic Monty Python line “and now for something completely different.” This album blows past the border of the artistically obscure and crosses into a whole new realm of the experimentally bizarre. Round Eye blend nonsensical noise, free-form jazz and experimental punk into a lethal concoction of the weird, the strange and the seemingly absurd. It’s a ruthlessly raw assault on the senses and leaves me somewhat perplexed as whether to praise Round Eye for producing something that stands out or to continue thirsting for understanding of what the hell has overwhelmed my consciousness. Either way, this is a bit much for one sitting and may require additional mental stimulation or numbing for further digestion. So, listen responsibly, my friends. –Nick Kuzmack