Septic Flesh
Prosthetic Records
Street: 06.24
Septic Flesh = Rotting Christ + Hollenthon + Therion

Septic Flesh had a hard task to make something greater than their last record, The Great Mass. Titan is a more than appropriate title for the epically epic damned ninth album from the Greek metal masters. Titan is not just a metal masterwork, but a musical one at that. Listeners can blast any song for full wrecking effect or be completely immersed in the entirety of the album experience. Titan plays out like any great symphonic overture that can stand up in a real debate to the great overtures of Bach and Beethoven. It’s not just a big, grandiose experience, it’s one where every detail has been perfected to enlighten any aural palette. Beautifully enthralling from the moment you hit play, you are bombarded with crushing metal with constantly changing tempos and full orchestral backing, from strings to horns, with every nuance played from intense to beautiful. –Bryer Wharton