Shana Falana
Set Your Lightning Fire Free
Team Love Records
Street: 04.07
Shana Falana = No Joy + Frankie Rose
After self-releasing her EP In The Light in 2011, Shana Falana has come around with an equally dream-soaked, reverb-backed, structured-by-angelic-vocals first LP, Set Your Lightning Fire Free. While she holds to her style—shoegaze-influenced, yet with folksy mix-ins—there is more depth here than the usual vaguely charming layers of humming guitar and vocal work. This comes partially from the marked percussion of Mike Amari, which gives the bulk of the album a slight but agreeably and tangibly fresh attitude in addition to more rhythmic structure. Standout tracks “Go,” “Anything” and “Heavenstay” (the short, emotional hit of the album) show off this addition. Shana Falana also strays from her mystical high notes and throws around dark, low-voiced delivery, and casually shouty lyrics like those in “Anything,” reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux. All in all, the whole piece is an exciting development, and thoroughly spot on. –Erin Moore