Review: Sievehead – Into the Blue

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Into the Blue

Evil Hoodoo / Milk Run Records
Street: 12.05.15
Sievehead = A Place To Bury Strangers + Iceage + Diat

Listening to Sievehead’s debut album Into The Blue is like reading a travel brochure for hot springs when all you wanna do is throw away the picture and jump into those goddamn pools. Rhythmic and droning, the Sheffield, UK three-piece band put on a seriously punk visage without pigeonholing themselves. They transition from the aggressive, circadian “Hoax” to the anxious psychedelia of “Try The Mirror” without losing the underlying path the album walks along. The title-track sheds a little more light as singer Dave Walker, aka Dirdsbead, shouts “I want to see it all come crashing down / Cause it doesn’t exist.” We should all give a big hand to Queen Elizabeth for raising the next generation of punk DIY aesthetics so well. Anti-establishment never sounded so good. –Brian Udall