Street: 03.16
Simbiose = Napalm Death + Hellbastard + Totalitär

After I’ve settled into the blissful, alleviating acoustic guitar intro, it isn’t long after I’m beaten over the head by a massive combination of the destructive riffing and grinding vocals of “Ignorância Colectiva” that I’m encouraged to start headbanging. Hailing from Portugal, Simbiose are a group of headbanging crusties that have taken some of the better parts of grindcore, metal and crust punk to create this coarse, metallic compound—on the surface, it sounds like this album is destined to be nothing but noise. However, songs like “Abismo…” and “Modo Regressivo” show that guitarists Nuno Rua and Tiago are not afraid to show off their dual shredding talent or their ability to write grating songs that have structure. –Eric U. Norris