Sir Richard Bishop
Tangier Sessions
Drag City
Street: 02.17
Sir Richard Bishop = Pentangle + Bonnie Prince Billy – Sun City Girls

Albums, like other works of art, are inspired by all different kinds of things, but the self-styled Sir Richard Bishop’s Tangier Sessions was prompted by Bishop finding an aged guitar in a luthier’s shop in Geneva, where he was living last year. These are guitar “etudes,” as you might call them, since they are studies in the expressive power of this new (to him) instrument that he was beginning to explore. They contain plenty of classical flourishes, yet some not-so-freaky folk stylings and a tinge of Morocco. This is most notable in the song “Bound In Morocco,” in which he demonstrates both the captivating capability of the acoustic instrument as well as its perambulations through and embarkments on sonic sojourns. –Stakerized!