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Review: Snoop Dogg – Bush

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Snoop-Dogg-Bush album coverSnoop Dogg

Columbia Records
Street: 05.12
Snoop Dogg = Daft Punk + old Dr. Dre

Snoop Dogg’s latest release, which is fully produced by Pharrell Williams, is another rap album that strikes a chord with white audiences. The pseudo techno beats, mixed with Williams–style funk, allows for each song to flow. However, the songs follow such a similar pattern that, after a while, they begin to blend together. Snoop Dogg’s lyrics are simple and pertain to sexual freaks and women with fat asses, though they are slightly less interesting than Snoop and William’s 2004 song “Drop It Like Its Hot.” This album was definitely made for summer, and it’s a perfect listen for any Lake Powell houseboat enthusiast draped in the American Flag. –Barnabas