Stealing Sheep
Not Real
Heavenly Records
Street: 04.13
Stealing Sheep = Santigold + Tennis + Lykke Li

Not Real is one of the most creative and satisfying albums I have heard in a long time, and the feminist in me is super stoked so see such a talented, all-female band going in such an avant-garde direction. In the song “Not Real,” percussionist/singer Lucy Mercer sounds almost child-like when she chants, “Don’t let their daylight fool you that you’re not real” before an infectious chorus of candied keyboard melodies. Each one of their songs is complete with a catchy hook, yet the album is completely versatile, from the silliness of “Not Real” to the crooning, dissonant power of “Greed.” The eccentricities are refreshing but never overwhelming, and even though the lyrics make no sense for the most part, I am more than happy singing along with them. –Ali Shimkus