I Hate Music
Merge Records
Street: 8.20.13
Superchunk = Yo La Tengo + Ted Leo – Pavement
Superchunk’s 10th full-length release wasn’t on many critics’ 2013 “Best Of” lists, though it was on mine. Perhaps in a year in which numerous notable releases were seen, the work of an indie band so consistently “on” didn’t stand out. Regardless, their performances at Riot Fest threatened to steal the show from even the likes of Iggy Pop and The Replacements reunion. It’s a quarter-century since founding the band and starting the Merge Records label, and their rapid-fire pop-punk hasn’t slowed down on this release. On the single from the album, “Me & You & Jack Mittoo,” singer Mac MacCaughan carps, “I hate music; what is it worth? It can’t bring anyone back to this earth,” at this point in their career perhaps looking back at the limitations of music, as well as its power. The unlikely ode to the Jamaican musician, producer and member of The Skatalites who passed away in 1990 should have been the sing-along pop radio staple of the year. But then, this sound doesn’t have a year—it’s just timeless. –Stakerized!