Tetuzi Akiyama & Anla Courtis

Naranja Songs

Public Eyesore Records

Street: 01.14

Anla Courtis = Ava Mendoza + Chris Corsano + Sir Richard Bishop

Anla Courtis is an insanely prolific guitarist/composer from Buenos Aires known for his record-holding amount of collaborations with other insanely prolific guitarists/composers. The same could be said about Tetuzi Akiyama, substituting Buenos Aires for Tokyo. Naranja Songs is no exception. This collaboration, with the Japanese guitarist known for quiet explorations of the space between notes and the Argentinian version of Bill Orcutt, who could fuck shit up in a major way in a number of psych-noise bands, find the two feeling out shared sonic ground in improvised guitar works that occasionally settle into a groove of Vulcan-like mind meld. Most of the time, the guitarists circle each other like hungry wolves, ceding an inch here, taking an inch there, always bringing in notes from the sonorous hollow body of the acoustic guitar that is more dance than competition. ¬–Ryan Hall