The Forum Walters
Carnage Records
Street: 07.01.12
The Forum Walters = The Bouncing Souls + Streetlight Manifesto
This whole album can be summed up in just one word: positivity! It kept me in a good mood right from its arousing intro, kicking right into the upbeat ska/punk title track that possesses me to skank whenever I hear it. They show off their punk rock inspiration throughout the whole album, but it really sticks out in songs like “Robin Hood” and “Punkrock Pirates.” “Robin Hood” expresses lyrics like, “Rob the rich, rip off the royalty, rise out of rusty woods, and let it rain for me” as inspiration for revolution to poverty-stricken populations. “Punkrock Pirates” is a tribute to the band’s punk idols, one being Joey Briggs who did guest vocals on the track. The overall vibe of this album just struck me in a way that almost made me cry tears of joy—it is so beautiful! –Eric U. Norris