The Hip Priests
Black Denim Blitz
Self-Destructo Records
Street: 08.11.14
The Hip Priests = Nashville Pussy + Zeke + The Dictators

There are some things that can be said about The Hip Priests—a vile, sex-oriented, overall thick-skinned assemblage of raw rock ‘n roll just about sums it up. Lyrics like “I can smell you on my fingers ever since eagle rock slipping; on my alcohol blinkers strapping on my cocaine cock dipping!” (“Vodkacoma Casanova”) and “I’m a nasty little prick, but I’m writing all hits and you can’t get enough, because you’re dicks!” (“Good Things Come to Those Who Hate”) indicate that these guys were put on this planet to offend. Carried by rockabilly twang, the Hip Priests’ callous, lust-driven lyrics are placed upfront for everyone to gawk at and they don’t care what anyone thinks about them. For instance, “Survival of the Shittest” explains that if “you wanna kill ‘n desecrate us, you want to masturbate us.” Lewd, crude and uncouth, Hip Priests’ blunt lyrics will dissolve any empathy in your system. –Eric U. Norris