Tier Instinct
Volume III R.I.P.
Slaughterhouse Records
Street: 2.26
Tier Instinct = Blood Axis + Der Blutharsch + NON
Released by Salt Lake’s own Slaughterhouse Records, the third release under the Tier Instinct moniker by a high-ranking member of the Church of Satan, Volume III is described as being dedicated to the Satanic Perspective, is a death knell for the project, and is a notably bleak and disturbing listen. Admittedly, not being a follower of the Church of Satan, some of the lyrical themes are a bit over my head, but the overall delivery is pretty easy to grasp – a disparate Satanic view on love, loss, and the bitterness caused by these emotions. It’s beyond intriguing, and, even if the some of the lyrical content isn’t exactly easy to grasp, the old headphones-in-the-dark listen is really the best way to experience this. –Gavin Hoffman