Toro Y Moi
Anything in Return
Street: 01.22
Toro Y Moi = Washed Out + Baths
Chaz Bundick wanted his third studio album to be a pop record; something his girlfriend could dance to. What he created is his most fluid album to date. The shades of 80s R&B and chopped vocal stabs in the background are reminiscent of his first album, Causers Of This, but this album’s sound is much more full and upbeat. Bundick’s music gives me an ecstatic feeling without all the ambience of chill-wave. His music can feel sexy and cool without zoning me out. “Rose Quartz” starts slow and builds into a hazy four-on-the-floor beat with a passionate hook and sample with yearning words, “I feel weak.” “She knows I’ma be her boy forever,” on “Cake” is another example of Bundick’s attempt to emphasize catchy lyrics to create a pop song. This collection of love songs may not be typical pop, but Bundick’s earnest attempt at accessibility is a success nonetheless. –Justin Gallegos