Tropic of Cancer – Stop Suffering

Review: Tropic of Cancer – Stop Suffering

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Tropic of Cancer – Stop Suffering

Tropic of Cancer
Stop Suffering

Blackest Ever Black
Street: 10.30
Tropic of Cancer = Phaeleh + Blouse

Since Tropic of Cancer went from being a duo to a solo project in 2012, the music has gone from a dynamic, Crystal Castles–esque sound to a much more introverted, melancholic feeling. However, Stop Suffering is the most uniquely Tropic of Cancer release to date. The white-noise vocals and atmospheric, rhythmic blends lend to a deeply emotive experience that slowly builds and evolves throughout each piece. Camella Lobo, the artist behind Tropic of Cancer, draws a visceral landscape for her listeners, combining her darkwave sound with meditative and wistful elements. Unfortunately, the EP is only three songs long, but the full-length promises to be incredible when it arrives in 2016. –Ali Shimkus