Tunde Olaniran

Yung Archetype

Quite Scientific Records

Street: 02.25

Tunde Olaniran = Kanye West + Joey Bada$$ + Frank Ocean

Yung Archetype, a five-track EP, is one of the most innovative pieces I’ve heard in a while. The electro-pop, street sound reminds me of the late ’80s/early ’90s hip-hop that was produced with drum machines. The laidback instrumentals make his hard-hitting lyrics flow gracefully, and contribute to telling his life story. The production on this EP is straight cream: It’s a majestic ear fuck in the best way possible. In his single, “Brown Boy,” he spits, “I’m every single thing you think of me. I’m a sinner, killer, drug-dealer refugee.” A couple of my favorites are “The Highway” and “The Raven.” Not many rappers can successfully switch between rapping and belting one-liners, but this EP should have emcees taking notes. –Allie Russell