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Vial of Sound
Substance Organique Volatile
President Gator Records
Street: 04.13
Vial of Sound = Daft Punk + Frankie Goes To Hollywood
I often cringe when I hear stuff from artists that heavily depend on synth to create their music, because it generally sounds overdone, but Vial of Sound make it work. The fast-paced pop rhythms combined with synthesized drumbeats and vocals give each of the tracks a futuristic and robotic feel to the music. The group uses a variety of sounds in each song, which not only makes their music sound better, but shows that there was a bit more work put into it than some of the other electronic artists you hear on the radio (ahem, Deadmau5). Some of the better tracks on the EP were “Ghost Ditch” and “The Cycle,” both of which set them apart from what other artists are doing. –Julia Sachs