Young Hare

Unbreak My Heart

Altin Village & Mine Records

Street: 03.15

Young Hare = Xiu Xiu –
vocals + PTTRNS

A typewritten note on a torn sheet of paper was included with my copy of this CD, which said, “This really means a lot to me.” As is evident in the composition of this music, this duo takes songwriting as a cathartic endeavor. Unbreak My Heart is a muted form of pop, with dreamscape hints and touches. It’s not full-blown techno, but it alludes to the genre in its keyboard riffs and dance-y bass lines. “Cao Lua” has a nice falsetto loop, while “Sienna” uses a clap synth sound along with the vocal harmony. Give this a spin if you’re looking for something atmospheric and laidback. –Kia McGinnis