15 Top 5 Albums

’15 Top 5 Albums

Year-End Top 5

Now that we’ve got you all gathered around the glowing hearth of the Internet—all snuggled up in your studded leather jackets, flanel shirts and anoraks—it’s time to share a list of our favorite releases from the year. You can check out some of the best tunes we heard over the course of 2015, from lovely local long-players to national sensations. We’ve even arranged them for you in a series of genre-specific lists, so you can get the scoop on whatever taste strikes your fancy.

Whether you’re on a strict diet of “Organic Free Range Local Albums,” are planning some intergalactic shenanigans in 2016, or just can’t come to terms with the fact that it’s not 1973 anymore, there’s something here for fans of all stripes. If you’re looking for something to warm up your holiday season, there’s plenty here to keep the cold at bay—or, in the case of our black metal picks, to soundtrack your wild revel in winter’s frigid embrace. So spike your eggnog, settle into a dark corner, and feast your eyes on the wonders ahead.

Top 5 Paisley-Crushing Psych Albums

Top 5 Ameripolitan Albums that Shitcan the Cowboy Hat and Throw on the Scally Cap

Top 5 <s>Hardcore</s> Post-Punk Albums of 2015

Top 5 Albums that a Graywhale Employee Convinced You to Buy

Top 5 Experimental Albums to Soundtrack Your Faith Crisis

Top 5 Sock Hop N' Roll Albums

Top 5 Organic Free-Rance Local Albums

Top 5 Teary-Eyes Power Pop Albums

Top 5 Dummest Fasterest Punk Albums

Top 5 Black Metal Albums that were More Relevant than Deafheaven

Top 5 Extreme Metal Albums You Lost When Your Mom Cleaned the Basement

Top 5 Darkwave Albums We're Pretty Sure were Written by Robots

Top 5 Synthpop Albums for Joyriding in a Stolen UFO

Top 5 Indie Pop Albums to Pin to Your Anorak

Top 5 Art Albums that Should be Sold at the God Hates Robots Gallery

Obviously, we can’t list every amazing release from this year (2015 was practically bursting with quality albums), but if you feel like we missed something excellent, sound off in the comments!

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