(Clockwise from bottom left) Sego members Alyssa Davey (Derv), Kathleen Frewin, Thomas Carroll and Spencer Petersen. Photo courtesy of Sego

Sego: DIY Festival Headliner


The 15th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Fest Presented by Harmons will feature national headliners for the first time as part of their performer lineup! Alongside other renowned artists, midwest outfit Gable Price and Friends and Provo-natives turned L.A.-based act Sego will be joining the DIY Fest stage Friday, August 11 and Saturday, August 12, respectively. Check out our interviews with these two bands as we discuss their musical progressions and excitement to perform at the festival.

Though Sego is now a nationally renowned band living in sunny Los Angeles, their roots trace back to humble beginnings in Provo’s independent music community. Composed of Thomas Carroll, Kathleen Frewin, Spencer Petersen and Alyssa Davey (Derv), the members of Sego describe themselves as “art punk made by non-punk non-artists.” Petersen says, “I like the chaos and atonal aspect of our sound, but I also push for highly organized and synchronized execution.” He points to the inherently collaborative and fluid nature of the group as a further defining factor in their music. “While Tom and I provided the initial anchor, there has been a touch of rotation with other members leading to a certain kind of slacker chemistry—not necessarily superior or inferior, just distinct,” he says. “Since Derv and Kathleen joined, a certain cohesion has been added to our live performances; an elusive unity we had perpetually aspired to but had remained slightly out of reach.”

As they continue their ascent in popularity, Sego looks forward to continuous innovation. “I find myself deeply entrenched in the current unfolding of my own experiences, both thematically and musically, within the context of each album,” says Petersen. The band is currently finalizing their next, long-awaited album, recorded by Nate Pyfer at June Audio Recording Studios in their hometown of Provo. Petersen describes the sound as “a tad more distant and ethereal” than previous albums. Follow Sego on their Instagram @sego and keep an ear out for their next single, due to release on August 27.


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