Soul Force Records Signs Insight


Are you ready to add an Insight record to that hardcore collection of yours? I am! Salt Lake’s premier straight-edge band has signed a deal with Soul Force Records—an Arizona label—and by the end of May the lads will have a 7-inch released and will be psyching up for a tour of the west coast cities which spawned the straight-edge movement. That’s right, a Salt Lake underground act has finally gotten a decent break. Not since Massacre Guys were signed in 1984 has a local group been picked up by an independent label (as far as we know), and they were the first.

Insight is led by vocalist StainI think his parents named him Mark–whose intense delivery may be the key to his band’s success. The dueling guitarists, James and Jeremy (who probably still thinks I don’t like him) give the band an incredibly big sound, while the mild-mannered Doug (completely transformed onstage into a crazed performer) pounds out that solid bass line of his, and that leaves Chubba (go ahead laugh, he’s good) to gold it all together with solid drumming. These guys have been playing together a couple of years now which is apparent in their music, especially the live performances. One word describes their sound: Right. In the past few months, they have headlined shows at the Word (all sell-outs, thank God) and have opened for a few great out-of-towners including Insted. They were recently featured on KJQ’s Locals Only.

More about the contract. Our information is pretty sketchy, but here it is: The record, due out in May, will be a 7-inch with five or six songs. The band thinks that they will record at Ken’s World’s Best Studio in Salt Lake (maybe Terrance will have some suggestions). After the release, Insight hits the road with stops along the west coast (L.A. and San Fran) with a possible east coast tour as well.

Catch Insight at The Speedway Cafe on March 17th as part of a five band bill and on April 15th headlining a Salt Lake Youth Pride show at Whalers. So, congrats on the contract guys, and good luck with all the cool shit.