Two bands that have been around in various forms for a long time who should be mentioned are Shot In The Dark and The Strangers.

Subjective History… Wrap-Up


To tie up some loose ends, I thought I’d put a last column together listing some bands and people I forgot to mention in previous issues and mention as many of the records of Salt Lake bands I can remember. I am not going to list cassettes since there are too many of ‘em and y’know, anybody can put out a tape.

One of the guys who has done a lot around Salt Lake for a long time who I failed to mention is Aldine Grossi. He’s started many of my favorite bands including Killdogs, Maimed For Life and Gnawing Suspicion. He is also one of the best guitarists in town and a very cool guy. Steve Fletcher is another fellow who has been playing in Salt Lake for quite a while with Pravda, Howl and Blood Poets. He recently even backed up Allen Ginsberg on guitar. Two bands that have been around in various forms for a long time who should be mentioned are Shot In The Dark and The Strangers. The Strangers haven’t played for a while but they were definitely one of my all-time faves.

Records Released by Salt Lake Bands

  • Willie Tidwell: They put out an EP in 1980, I don’t know what label.
  • Spittin’ Teeth: Appeared on the Posh Boy release called The Siren, a compilation which also featured the debut of Red Kross
  • Angle: They put out a four song EP in 1981 on Mucous Records; Also Ron Miller released a solo EP on 2nd Culture Records in about 1986.
  • Massacre Guys: They released an EP in 1983 on Toxic Shock Records and a second EP in 1984 on Unclean Records. They also appeared on the Barricaded Suspects compilation and the Flipside #2 compilation.
  • Maimed For Life: Released an EP in 1984 in conjunction with Raunch.
  • L.D.S.: Released an EP and an album on their own label in 1985-1986.
  • The Stench: Put out an EP with Raunch in 1987 and just released a full length album on Running Records called Crazy Moon.
  • Hate X9: Put out a record last year and are releasing a single next month.

Currently, Bad Yodelers are working on an album and more bands than ever are recording these days. Most of the records mentioned above are out of print but you might find them at Raunch if you are interested. Some bands with people from Salt Lake who have recorded in other towns include New York’s Damage and Prong, All and Temple of Rhythm in Los Angeles and also Jack Shit of Reno.

So that wraps it up for me, I’ve had fun going through old flyers and fanzines, researching and writing this. I hope you all had a good time reading it. Next month I’ll have a new topic, or not.

Until then…