Atmosphere @ In The Venue

Posted June 24, 2008 in
With all the new hype from <Atmosphere's new album "When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit Gold,” its only obvious he needed to stop around the Salty Lake to perform some of his new hits. On the way in I saw a kid get brutally taken down to the glass-covered street by the police, probably having to deal with the amount of green smoke emanating from his area.

The show was wicked crowded and it seemed like everybody was drunk as hell, while Slug spit his new stuff. He played a few classics which were led in a giant sing along with the crowd, "God Loves Ugly" was one of those classics that was so eerily sung along with it gave me a little chill seeing everybody meshing into one gigantic sound.

Atmosphere (courtesy of

Overall though, the show wasn’t all that amazing and the high point of the evening was when a drunk girl couldn’t handle the amount of booze she took in and spewed all over the deck, followed by a cool sit back into the seat pretending it never happened. And before I knew it the show was over and it was followed by another letdown when the Jazz missed those two three pointers at the end of game five letting the Lakers move on in the series. Oh well maybe next year the Jazz will play better and so will Atmosphere, or at least let's hope so.