Band of Annuals & Daniel Johnston @ In the Venue April 3rd, 2008

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Band of Annuals & Daniel Johnston @ In the Venue April 3rd, 2008
By adam dorobiala

Around 6:30, I headed over to the corner of 200 South and 600 West to get ready for the Daniel Johnston show. There was a wicked long line from 6:45 to maybe 7:15 or so, so I stayed outside and skateboarded around while everyone else just stood in line. Finally at 7:20 I decided to go in to see if the show had started already, but it hadn’t. I mingled with some friends until Band of Annuals came out and did their set. It was pretty good, definitely a sound that could put you to sleep if you found a comfortable enough spot to stand during their stage time, but really good. I can see why everyone likes their music.

Daniel Johnston
Then after BOA’s (Band of Annuals) set and a short intermission Daniel came out, buzzing on Diet Mountain Dew and ready to sing his heart out for us. For some reason Daniel Johnston reminds me of a Kurt Cobain type, just because his lyrics are never hackneyed, always lyrically mastered and when he really yells into the mic, you can feel the emotions resonating into the air around you. He then of course, quickly asks for water to calm his throat.

The first four/five songs were amazing and then it was a quick intermission so Daniel could get the BOA’s to come out and play with him. Upon his return, BOA returned too and backed him up in musical form for the rest of the show. These were some of the most energized songs of the night from Daniel Johnston and soon enough the show was over. Everyone stayed and cheered hoping for an encore but I figured Daniel would probably just want to get the hell out of there as fast as he could, I was sure I would run into him outside, cigarette in hand, building the suspense for the encore like a true showman. Sure enough as I walked outside there he was. I complimented him on the show, he said thanks, put his cigarette out, turned the corner and went inside for the encore. Genius. –adam dorobiala