Decrepit Birth @ Club Vegas

Posted March 11, 2009 in
Decrepit Birth
Club Vegas
With Cave of Roses, Devour the Sky, and Incendiant

Well Sunday March 8th was my 28th birthday, so after a weekend of feeling like an old fart it was a nice change of pace to go see a fairly low-key (crowd-wise) death metal show the evening of my birthday. Looking back, things may change with age but in the end there is always that kid portion of yourself lingering inside. Yeah, I wasn’t out moshing for every band like I did back when I was 18, or even going mad in a headbanging rage. No, the night of this gig I was admittedly getting slightly sloshed but watching the concert from a good vantage and just absorbing each set. Let’s face it, the further back you are in a small venue the better the sound can be. Some may call it lazy or something like that, but my body doesn’t bend or move like it used to.

Three local bands opened up the gig for the Santa Cruz, CA based Decrepit Birth, who were in route to start off their tour with Suffocation and decided to treat SLC with a headlining gig, which I hope paid off for the guys. I spoke with the bands vocalist Nill Robinson as I purchased a couple t-shirts and he told a story of how they spent a bunch of money to get their van up and running only to have it break down on them. Judging by the people wearing their merch by the end of the evening, I’m pretty sure it was a lucrative evening for the band in terms of merch sales.

First up was Incendiant. I’ll admit some bias towards the band and their brand of brutal death metal, since their 2007 self-titled album was in my top five albums of said year. In any right they delivered the death metal goods as I expected. They seemed to play a short set even as an opening band, but then again, it was a Sunday night show. But they also played a tight set showcasing their talent as a four-piece of two guitarists, bassist, drummer. The depth that should come from being a four-piece came through with layers of guitar riffing giving a nice diversity, complexity and thickness to their sound.

Up next was Devour the Sky, the only local act playing that night I hadn’t seen before. The band definitely has some experience behind them with a member in Separation of Self and members previously in a slew of bands, notably Beyond This Flesh, Clear, Total Chaos, and Flesh Peddler - all respectively different styled bands. The band plays the sort of Americanized version of the older Gothenburg style of melodic death metal. Personally, the style may not be my utmost favorite, but I always give props when they’re due. The guys put out a lot of energy just in their movements as they played and have a fair balance of speed, melody and hardcore type breakdowns. Hell, I’ve come across plenty of bands playing the same style that Devour the Sky play and a good chunk of them play it much worse and they’re singed to fairly major metal labels.

Finishing out the locals was Cave of Roses, a band that I’ve been especially connected to lately. I wrote the guys up in SLUG’s localized not too long ago and got a fair amount of shit for not going to their localized gig. I finally saw them not that long ago playing the only local opening slot for the Decide/Vital Remains show on Feb. 17. Comparing the two shows this night was a much better one for the band and they even offered up a seemingly different set of songs including a lengthy but interesting more melodic tune. The guys must have had some nerves or something in association to opening up to a much larger group of people at the Decide show in comparison to the humble attendance for this gig. The songs came off tighter and the band looked more comfortable performing and their musical prowess shined through more on this evening than my previous experience.

Then it was time for tech-death metal troupe Decrepit Birth. The band’s been around for about 8 years and dealt with some line-up issues. Their first offering …And Time Begins is definitely on the more brutal death metal side with the follow-up Diminishing Between Two Worlds being a more technical style album, but it’s an expected progression for the band considering they have two members of another tech-death metal group, Odious Mortem. The band’s set was rife with not only pummeling death metal brutality but sheer guitar playing skills just watching the guitarists play intricate solos full of tempo changes was a great capper for the evening. Vocalist & founding member Bill Robinson can growl with the best of the death metal elite, and his stage presence was dumbfounding and unique, not to mention when he spoke for the band that was out giving it 100 percent for a less than 100 percent attendance, which in plenty of cases usually ends up in a lackluster performance. Decrepit Birth came out guns blazing and put forth their A-game, but if you missed this gig don’t fret as you can catch the guys opening up for Suffocation on April 1, In the Venue.

This night felt more like seeing a local show with the treat of a national headliner than going to see a national show. Unfortunately, every band including Decrepit Birth had some sound issues. mostly in regards to the bands not being able to hear themselves the best through their own monitors, though all bands played through the issues and came out fairly unscathed by any technical sound issues. The current trend of including a good dose of local acts opening for national touring bands is a fantastic one, back in the days of Club DV8 and the old Bricks Club your concert package was pretty much just the touring bands. Having the local artists open these type of gigs not only gives them more exposure to newer crowds but gives a higher community local scene feeling to the shows allowing audiences to connect with what’s going on in their hometown. Club Vegas has been doing this for quite a while and so have other venues. However it should be noted that for metal and hard rock fans, if you are looking for something to do on a Friday or Saturday night one can basically count on the Club to have some sort of local or national show lined-up. There isn’t really any excuse not to go see Incendiant, Devour the Sky or Cave of Roses play a show even if they aren’t opening for a national headliner.