Ian G. & Self Expression Movement

SEM (Self Expression Music) is the name of a hip-hop crew. Maybe you’ve already heard of these local emcees, maybe you haven’t. I will let you know one thing, though, these guys are on the come-up. SEM was founded here in Salt Lake City by LAM and JEF DOOGIE in 2001. LAM (Mr. Lloyd A. McIntosh) is the CEO, owner and also one of the producers of the crew’s music. My man Ian G., head of Grass Roots Management, has been brought in to be a promotional wizard of sorts heading up the crew’s street team and as their booking agent. Ian has been working on and off in the music industry since 1996. Ian is one of those “been there and done that” type of guys in the music industry. He is 311’s head merchandising salesperson, vibe tech and also a promoter. Ian has also worked with tons of other acts like KMK, Slightly Stoopid, Mix Mob, DIRTBALL, Phunk Junkies, Kid Rock, Deftones, Limp Bizkit, KoRn and Pepper. Ian also has his roots planted deep in the local music scene with talents such as Honest Engine, Chola, Royal Bliss, Flatline Syndicate and now SEM. With Ian’s knowledge and experience in the game it seems to be a perfect fit for these up and coming talented youth.

Photo: Elliot Fraughton

SEM consists of 14 members: Aaron DW, Chatterbox, DJ Aspect, Madman, Curtis DW, Brea, Jabez, George Life, E William, Lam, Jef Doogie, MC Blu and last but certainly not least, Bloswick. SEM members have been opening acts for bigname hip-hop artists since 2000. They have worked with members of the Wu-Tang Clan, Jedi Mind Tricks, Swollen Members, Vans Warped Tour, Rakim, Styles of Beyond, Public Enemy, KRS ONE, The Alkoholiks, Slick Rick, Yin Yang Twins, XZIBIT, Coolio and Dizzy Rascal. Opening shows for acts as big as these has had quite an effect on the SEM emcees, raising their own talent bar and skill levels. When you work with the best in the business, it is sure to make you better at honing in on your own skills. SEM members have also got in some quality traveling experiences, performing at shows in California all the way to dirty Jersey. It’s probably only a matter of time until they get some overseas opportunities.

If you’re interested in catching a live show with the SEM crew, it seems that they keep themselves busy playing at quite a few local venues. SEM plays regularly at Liquid Joe’s, Monks House of Jazz, Down Town Huka Lounge, Mo’s Bar and Grill and they will also be a playing a show at the Salt Palace on Dec. 13. The crew is also playing several shows out of town in the near future. If you would like to check out their show dates, go to selfexpressionmusic.com or contact Ian G. at 801-503-1703 for show dates or for booking information. Please keep your calls clean — no phone sex.

The SEM Crew has also taken over the Jackalope Lounge every Wednesday night. There are great PBR and 1800 Tequila specials that are sure to make you feel the vibe. SEM will be playing there with their home-boys MadMan, Kaotic, Black Donnie as well other special guests. If you’re a party pooper, check out the crew’s music at UPROK Hip-Hop shop, where they have plenty of CDs for sale. Help support your local scene and also be on the lookout for SEM’s next compilation release entitled, Major Street.