Neon Indian @ Urban Lounge

Posted October 12, 2011 in ,

Neon Indian
Urban Lounge
with Purity Ring, Com Truise

We walked in the cool evening taking sips from a vitamin water bottle filled with cheap wine. We killed the last few drops as we hit the door of the already packed Urban Lounge to catch the most talked about show of October. Purity Ring had everyone bouncing and smiling as we were swallowed up by the sea of people on the floor. The mass of bodies was moving to the crests and troughs of a wave of sound from some kind of future island in the sun.

Purity Ring make some of the smoothest shit in dance music right now. Glitched out chill electro with sharp cuts and tripped out beats with the softest, most angelic female vocals floating in the digital bath of tones and textures. The two piece had everyone synched up with their wild ride. Corin Roddick, who creates the music behind vocalist Megan James, appeared totally possessed by the beat like he was hooked up to a live wire. He pounded out each beat with his fingers on the sampler while intermittently leaning over to pound out steel drum-like tones on some instrument that looked like copper plumbing with lights coming out of it. Whatever it was, it sounded amazing and made him super fun to watch as he bobbed and weaved like a boxer on meth or some strange piece of machinery. My favorite tracks of the whole night was “Ungirthed,” a gentle little dance gem which shows all the many talents of the group. Purity Ring totally stole the show from headliners Com Truise and Neon Indian.

We were talking about drugs on the patio when the first beats of Com Truise began. We rushed back in and grabbed a spot side stage and settled in. Com Truise had a drummer backing him up as he slid from track to track. The performance had the feel of a low energy DJ set. The samples seemed lacking in quality and even the drummer, who was actually really good, didn’t give the set sufficient energy. I didn’t see much movement in the crowd and everyone seemed quite unimpressed. Some electronic acts don’t translate well live—Com Truise falls on that list.

Neon Indian was the man who brought the crowd, famous for such chillwave hits as “Should have taken acid with you.” I mentioned to my date that I should have popped a few caps before we left my place. However, as Neon Indian got deeper and deeper into his set I realized my booms were best saved for another time. I didn't know what to expect from a Neon Indian live set, but I was stoked to see he came with a full band, with a crazy array of Korg synths, back up vocalist and live drums. As enjoyable as they were, Neon Indian didn’t bring down the house like I had hoped. The synths were pretty quiet and I missed out on all the crazy textures he is known for. The vocals were totally indiscernible and I'm pretty sure singer Alan Palomo was whispering. We had a few more drinks and made the chill walk back to my place for some more wine and a Vice Magazine documentary. Over all it was a pretty chill night for some chillwave.