National Music Reviews December 2015

Review: Royal Oi! – Bootboys and Hooligans

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Royal Oi! – Bootboys and Hooligans

Royal Oi!
Bootboys and Hooligans

Crowd Control Media, Last PunkRocker Records, Rebel Sound
Street: 11.16
Royal Oi! = The Bad Engrish x Angelic Upstarts

Some badass skinhead music from across the pond? Hell yes! This four-piece shows some amazing vitality with their Scottish street music, hitting the pivotal points of the skinhead ethos. “Bootboys and Hooligans,” “In My Heart” and “Skinhead Loyalty” are mid-tempo anthems that will have all skins and hooligans locking arms and skanking in circles, and raucous gems like “Violence,” “Skinhead Warrior” and “Punx & Skins ‘Football, Oi! and Rock n Roll’” will have them throwing themselves at each other. Oi! is definitely alive in Glasgow, and the Royal Oi! stand fittingly at the top, honing their pride as Scots and as skinz. –Eric U. Norris